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Tri State Custom Homes

From concept to completion, let our team guide you to your dream home.

State-of-the-Art Modular Homes

Our homes, additions and extensions are completed in a fraction of the time of conventional construction, which allows you to resume your normal everyday lifestyle in a much shorter period of time. In fact, most of our customers do not even move out of their homes during our modular addition process; as it is not necessary.

Our concept was designed with the homeowner in mind, in order to eliminate the frustration of months of interruption and the mess that comes along with conventional construction. The cost is comparable, and more often than not, less than conventional construction, even though we are using superior building materials. Our modular units are built off-site, rather than on-site, and because of this are protected from harsh weather conditions.

What We Do

Tri State is a one stop shop when it comes to your dream home. Our team specializes in all phases of the building process. We design plans, prepare the sites, connect the modulars to the foundations, and complete all custom finishing touches on site. We can assist you with one or all of these phases for any home or addition. 

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